Shine Bright like a Diamond

“Everybody wanna shine like a diamond, but nobody wanna get Cut” One of the quotes that really changed my mentality on life and my personal development. The other day at the gym my personal trainer exposed me and others to a motivational video and I couldn’t be more happier that he did. It changed the […]

Days Off

Hey healthy people! So i realized yesterday  i didn’t post, but don’t worry because i’m back! Now you are probably wondering what i am going to be talking about since my title says “Days off”, but that’s just it! I am here to talk about taking days off, and with every human beings busy schedule, […]

The Motivation to Begin

So here it is. My first post about my healthy/fit journey. Before i start getting into anything, i just want to take the time and explain why i decided to start this blog and give some background : ). Hi, i’m Alyson. I am 19 years old and i attend the University of Delaware. I’ve […]