The Motivation to Begin

So here it is. My first post about my healthy/fit journey. Before i start getting into anything, i just want to take the time and explain why i decided to start this blog and give some background : ).

Hi, i’m Alyson. I am 19 years old and i attend the University of Delaware. I’ve never really done anything like this before, so if it seems unhinged and confusing at times, you know why. Recently i have become extremely focussed on my health and fitness goals, and it is something that took me awhile to start, but i am so excited about the journey that i’m partaking in. For awhile i was misguided and didn’t know where to start, or what plans to follow or what foods to eat and so i decided to start a blog that gave tips on these sorts of topics in hopes to help others stay motivated and learn the healthy ways to a better body and lifestyle. Every day, my plan is to write about a new tips, or challenges that i may face and positive outlooks on the journey of my healthy lifestyle. Now, of course everyone has their own opinions on what works, and people believe what they want to believe, but if this could help at least one person, i’d be more than grateful. All in all, i hope whoever follows along with me and my health/fitness journey, they become more motivated and learn that anything is possible with a positive mindset. So here’s to day one!

The before and after of a 100 mile challenge i did. Summer August 2016 (results from only one month btw)

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