Days Off

Hey healthy people! So i realized yesterday  i didn’t post, but don’t worry because i’m back! Now you are probably wondering what i am going to be talking about since my title says “Days off”, but that’s just it! I am here to talk about taking days off, and with every human beings busy schedule, it is very important to have a day where you can just relax and not do much. SO, here we go. In my case, i usually go to the gym every morning at 530am without any true days off to relax, but i realized that i need a day to sleep in and rest my body sometimes. And that is exactly what i did today, and it was fantastic! Our body’s are working in so many different  ways during the 12+ hours that we are awake during the day, and if going to the gym every day and working twice as hard without having a point to relax, can really exhaust you and your body. Even if you don’t go to the gym, but you’re up moving, working and constantly on your feet, your body is going to eventually shut down without rest so setting aside some time where you don’t have a busy day is always good! BUT, having days off doesn’t mean eat junk food all day! This is the most important time to fuel your body with good nutrition, since you aren’t burning as many calories as you usually do. Don’t get me wrong, i love junk food and cheat days are cool and all, but my goal for everyone is to not get stuck on eating bad on rest days, but rather eat even better on those days. Trust me, you’ll feel better if you substitute almonds for chips! ; ) All in all, days off are great and it’s good for your body to rest and regenerate, but eating just as healthy on that day is also important to keep you on track to reaching your fit goals! Again, hope this helps guys!

See ya soon



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